Shemar Moore Photo Credits: Her arrival shouldn’t be too much of a shock to keen fans: Morgan casually mentioned that he had to cancel a date with his neighbor after a case came up in the season premiere. But with the shift in recent seasons to explore the team’s personal lives, Moore felt it was time to peel back another layer in the BAU resident tough guy’s life. But it wasn’t about the hanky-panky. What was important to me is showing other dimensions because if we’re not careful, Derek can come off as one-note. I did not want to be the stereotypical tough guy who kicks down doors.

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The following story contains spoilers about Wednesday’s episode of Criminal Minds. Read at your own risk. After 11 years and probably broken doors and tackles, Shemar Moore exited Criminal Minds on Wednesday’s episode. Directed Moore’s “little brother” Matthew Gray Gubler , and written by his “baby girl” Kirsten Vangsness and showrunner Erica Messer , the episode quickly reveals the aftermath of last week’s shooting: Morgan’s Moore pregnant wife Savannah Rochelle Aytes was shot, but she and their baby survive.

Hotch Thomas Gibson removes Morgan from the case because it’s too personal and he doesn’t want Morgan’s family to suffer the same fate his did after his tango with The Reaper RIP Haley.

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Spencer Reid was never one to have many friends, so his team couldn’t help but notice just how often he was on his phone now a days. Every free chance he had, heD’ whip out his blackberry and start texting. On more than one occasion, they caught him smiling and laughing to himself at a message that he had recieved. It was Friday, and the team was off early and had the weekend free unless a case came up. As the members of the BAU were packing their things, they heard a loud laugh coming from the elevator.

Reid stood propped up against the wall beside the elevator, his phone clutched in his hand, and his head thrown back in laughter.

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It’s time for you and me to have a little sit-down. What’s going on with you? Half the time I call, I get your voicemail. When I do get you, I don’t get even a little bit of sass coming my way. Now, what’s the deal? I get it that men and women are different and Venus and Mars and all that stuff, but I do not understand how you

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The friendship between these two characters is always entertaining and one of the highlights of the series. From their flirtatious banter to their over-protectiveness, Morgan and Garcia just get each other. Morgan makes it his life’s work to protect his golden goddess, and Garcia goes out of her way to make him smile. The snarky conversations between this duo are a vital component of the series and we would not have it any other way.

When Garcia warned Morgan not to get involved with a victim’s family member, it was not out of jealously, but genuine concern that Morgan and the woman could be hurt by the situation. The same can be said of Morgan’s reaction to the UnSub who flirted with Garcia. Morgan wanted to protect his friend from falling for the wrong person, not prevent her from having a relationship. Morgan and Garcia can have love interests after all, Garcia has had a steady boyfriend for several seasons now minus the jealousy and without losing the connection they have.

Another thing that sets this relationship apart is the realization of just how much these two have in common, despite surface appearances. It is obvious that Morgan and Garcia are both flirts, with no lack of self-confidence, but their similarities do not end there. Both characters are focused on their work, but try to infuse some humor and playfulness into the job whenever they can, knowing how the darkness of their cases can weigh them down. Morgan and Garcia are both prone to getting overly invested in the cases the team takes on, perhaps more so than their colleagues.

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It shows the aftermath of the heartbreaking disaster between couple Derek and Savannah. At the end of the previous episode, Savannah was shot by sniper in front of Derek. His teammates in BAU, who are working on his wife’s case, have never seen him that way — perhaps, distressed. So, unit chief Aaron Hotchner decides to take Derek off the case. Because the team is worried with how Derek is acting, Dr.

Review of Psychopathy. William D. Tillier; Calgary Alberta; Update: Under construction. and before. Table of contents. 1). Synopsis of Psychopathy.

Derek Morgan x Reader Part 2 of 2 Summary: You escape from being the victim of an unsub; but, by saving yourself, three other women are put in harm’s way. I rejected him and now three woman are dead because of it. Your heartbeat begins to race as Derek Morgan places his hand on your shoulder. He tries to calm you down; but his gesture does the opposite. You move his hand off as you sit up, ready to answer the million of questions that Hotchner and the team begins to ask.

Hotchner stares at you, trying to put together the puzzle.

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The investigation reveals that the victims are all covered in animal and human bite marks. Meanwhile, Reid and Garcia work out for a company fitness test, but try to hide their preparation from Morgan. While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season? Three victims were unearthed. What else do they know so early in the game?

May 12,  · A forthcoming documentary suggests a Hobart woman who’s serving a life sentence in prison for her role in two killings may have been a serial killer who also fed .

The upcoming 18th episode to air on March 23 will put Derek Morgan back in the limelight again as he will be thrust into graver spells of madness that he will eventually find himself in deep danger because there is a possibility that he might even harm himself, notes Enstarz. However, since the showrunners and even Shemar Moore have yet to confirm or deny those rumors, everything remains speculation at this time.

Derek apparently wanted to join the BAU team on its current investigation to get his mind off from whatever is bothering him but Hotch told him that he was off the case. He was seen in the CCTV doing something shocking and going on his own. There was also a scene where Penelope Garcia, played by Kirsten Vangsness, was shown talking to Derek over the phone, where he revealed something to her and made her drop the phone and looking very panic-stricken. Just before Derek was abducted, his girlfriend Savannah called him up and told him to buy her ice cream on his way home because she will be telling him something.

But she was not able to say it yet and had Derek did not survive episode 16, there was no way for him to know that he is about to become a father. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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What Happens in Mecklinburg At the very beginning of the episode, Morgan gets a call about a case in Memphis, Tennessee, much to Savannah’s displeasure. Prior to that, the two had planned to have dinner with Savannah’s parents, who were looking forward to meeting Morgan. The two have a conversation about it; Savannah expresses her disappointment, and Morgan replies that she deserves better.

However, Savannah is agitated by his response and leaves, telling Morgan that he isn’t putting in as much work into the relationship as he should be doing. After the case, Morgan has a conversation with JJ about what happened. She points out that he has a bad habit of pushing girlfriends away after a few months, also confirming Savannah’s suspicion that he was trying to make her break up with him so that he wouldn’t appear as the bad guy.

Criminal Minds is an American police procedural crime drama television series created and produced by Jeff premiered on September 22, and has run for fourteen seasons on tells the story of a group of behavioral profilers who work for the FBI as members of its Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). The team focuses on profiling criminals, called the “unsub” or “unknown subject.

Not everyone was crazy about the Spencer Reid prison storyline last season being such a huge arc on the show personally we loved it since it gave Matthew Gray Gubler some meaty material to show us just how amazing he is! They tied up the Mr. The one thing Criminal Minds has excelled at this season is bringing in some really great guest stars, like Lou Diamond Phillips who we loved on Longmire and last week we had Max Adler from Glee.

If they can keep up this kind of guest star momentum then we will be okay with some less than stellar unsubs. That being said we are starting to slowly board the Luke and Garcia ship after seeing how easily she was able to slip into flirting with him, but with Luke it felt different than with Morgan. The date seems to be going quite well as they get to know each other until Garcia shows up to tell him that he has a case.

When she has a chance to talk to Lisa alone she has her usual foot in mouth disease as she basically tells Lisa that she thinks Luke is attractive and smart. So is Luke interested in Lisa?

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