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Continue reading the main story The Afghan fighter had returned to his home in Yakawlang, a village in Bamian Province where the Taliban massacred more than Shiites in Every year, hundreds of residents kneel on the dirt in a hilltop cemetery and beat their chests in mourning for their loved ones, their names listed on a metal sign worn out by time and covered in rust. Iran has long relied more on soft power than armed might in Afghanistan, playing up its cultural, religious and economic influence in western Afghan districts near the border. And though Iran resents the presence of the United States military on its border, it has mostly supported the American-backed administration in Kabul, choosing stability over chaos. But as the war in Afghanistan has stretched late into a second decade, and with the stability of the central government in question, Iran has begun hedging its bets, American and Afghan officials say. That has extended to improving its ties with the Taliban , a group it had long seen as an ideological enemy. Afghan officials acknowledge that they have not yet seen evidence that Iran was actively rallying Fatemiyoun veterans. But the officials are deeply concerned that the groundwork is being laid. Ismail Qaani, the deputy commander of the Quds force within the Revolutionary Guards, recently told a memorial for Afghan fighters that Syria was just a temporary goal in a larger vision. Photo Residents of Yakawlang, in the Afghan province of Bamian, held a mourning ceremony in October to commemorate a Taliban massacre of Shiites there in

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Thanks to a good friend who helped compile the majority of this list, we give you Military Acronyms, Terminology and Slang Reference. Feel free to add any into the comments below that we may have neglected to put in. Standard issue Army green duct tape.

The Airbus A was flying from Paris to Cairo on May 19, when it crashed into the southeastern Mediterranean, killing 66 people, including 40 Egyptians and 15 French citizens.

Contact Us Overview Today’s sophisticated electronic systems must maintain stable communications on mobile digital networks because failure is not an option with warfighters’ lives and the mission at stake. So, hook-up wires need to be strong enough to withstand harsh conditions without ever breaking or failing. GORE Hook-Up Wires deliver continuous power while transmitting high-quality signals, so troops can reliably communicate with each other during critical operations.

We engineer our wires in a smaller design without jeopardizing mechanical strength or electrical performance. These wires are also proven to reduce the risk of abrasion and cut-through. So, wire by wire, they have a direct impact on saving weight. Whether your function is power or signal, GORE Hook-Up Wires provide the highest level of protection and performance in less space without short-circuiting.

Results proved that the overall tensile strength of our hook-up wires is much higher and didn’t break or fail at lower temperatures like the other wires.

U.S. military advising Afghan forces battling Taliban for key eastern city

Destination Description Afghanistan remains an extremely dangerous country. Terrorist organizations, extremist groups and organized criminal syndicates are active throughout Afghanistan, and the security situation remains volatile and unpredictable. All foreigners are potential targets, including non-governmental organization employees, aid workers, clergy, medical workers, journalists, teachers, tourists, and others.

Citizens must have a valid passport and Afghan visa to enter and exit Afghanistan. Travelers arriving without a valid visa are subjected to deportation or confiscation of their passport and heavy fines. Contact the Embassy of Afghanistan for more information.

The Yorkshire Regiment (14th/15th, 19th and 33rd/76th Foot) (abbreviated YORKS) is an infantry regiment of the British Army, created by the amalgamation of three historic regiments in It is currently the only line infantry or rifles unit to represent a single geographical county in the new infantry structure, serving as the county regiment of Yorkshire.

The military also uses a video game that includes another bar scene: Players then must choose whether to stop certain behaviors. If they fail, the game ends with a female private being raped in the barracks. She reports the assault, and ends up leaving the service. More significantly, the campaign overlooks the actual demographics of sexual assault in the military: Of these, an estimated 12, were women — and 13, were men. Fewer than half of the incidents involved alcohol.

Due to the much smaller number of women in the military — there are about , compared to 1. But the numbers are still striking because attacks against men are so often overlooked. Read the full report here pdf. In other words, men and women in the military are enduring sexual assault in greater numbers than last year, but still only a fraction choose to report what happened to them.

In the military, sexual assaults are handled within the chain of command. He also instituted a requirement that all unit commanders report sexual assault allegations up the chain of command, so the cases can be handled at a special court-martial level. But there are sometimes weak links in the chain of command.

Taliban militants blown up by own explosives in Laghman province

Grey, used by the Afghan National Police service. Quickly, a coyote-brown variant was made for the USMC. Army, the Woodland camouflage pattern was then superseded by the 3-color Desert Combat pattern, followed by the Universal Camouflage Pattern. Later versions of the IBA vest made in the mid-to-late s and the s feature hook-and-loop “Velcro” fasteners on the front for nametapes and rank patches, whereas older models from the early s did not.

the kavanaugh conformation: an exercise in “non-linear” warfare. back by demand: tgr military movement intel newsletter – get your subscription today!

Afghanistan Taliban kills Afghan soldiers in attacks on army posts Taliban fighters kill 17 Afghan soldiers and abduct 11 others in overnight raids in Farah province’s Pusht Rod district. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attacks that began late on Saturday in the Pusht Rod district of Farah province and continued into Sunday. The strikes come a week before voters cast their ballots in parliamentary elections across the war-torn country. The raids involved “a large number of Taliban”, according to Farah provincial council chief Farid Bakhtawar.

At least 11 soldiers were captured and another four wounded in the overnight attacks, local officials said. Defence ministry spokesman Ghafoor Ahmad Jawed said reinforcements had been sent to the area. The fighters seized weapons and armoured vehicles during the assault, provincial council member Dadullah Qaneh said. In the southern province of Zabul, the police chief of Mizan district was killed in clashes with Taliban fighters on Saturday night, the provincial governor, Rahmatullah Yarmal, said.

Violence has escalated in the months leading up to the October 20 parliamentary election, with hundreds killed or wounded.

Chinese troops appear to be operating in Afghanistan, and the Pentagon is OK with it

Canada’s military mission in Afghanistan In Depth Canada’s military mission in Afghanistan Canada’s combat mission in Afghanistan ends in , while its training mission for the Afghan military and police gets much bigger. Feb 10, 5: May 10, A Canadian soldier takes a position during a patrol in Arghandab, a district of Kandahar province, on July 6,

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Tom Gresback said the insurgents baited the team, inviting an Afghan militia leader, a U. Gresback said that after the meeting finished, the insurgents opened fire. The militia leader was killed, and the American service member and the interpreter were wounded. He said that after the wounded were moved to safety, a coalition airstrike targeted the compound, killing 10 insurgents.

The local militia in Achin district was established by the Afghan government to provide a level of confidence to the Afghan people, Martin reports. Earlier this summer, locals began migrating back to Mohmand Valley after being forced from their homes as Islamic State of Khorasan militants emerged in the southeastern portion of Nangarhar in , Martin reports.

Successful offensive operations in to severely reduce the number of militants were followed by the influx of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces that removed the group away from population centers and villages in , Martin reports. Since late December, Afghan Commandos have led aggressive offensive operations, pushing the militants an additional 7 kilometers, about 4.

Afghanistan Military Helicopter Crash Kills 25

The country served as a buffer between the British and Russian Empires until it won independence from notional British control in A brief experiment in democracy ended in a coup and a communist countercoup. The Soviet Union invaded in to support the tottering Afghan communist regime, touching off a long and destructive war.

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His balls have grown a bit since they overturned that massacre conviction. Still, I see this going over like a fart in church, even in the feckless congress we have today. I doubt it will come to fruition. He is in for the sucking of hard earned money of the American public. Pretty swampy if you ask me. MvGuy So it goes. JanD The Afghan military behaves often enough even less motivated and less loyal than mercenaries even would.

But since international norms would inhibit simply squeezing a colony for resources to pay the bills, the tax payer will end up funding such prestige based mercenary project. RickR35 But of course.

Afghan army helicopter crash kills 25, including a top commander

There, a valiant, fiercely-independent people, the Pashtun Pathan mountain tribes, have battled the full might of the U. No one knows how many Afghans have died. The number is kept secret. Withdraw foreign troops and the Kabul regime would last for only days. The whole thing smells of the Vietnam War.

As I write this, hundreds of people are converging on the streets of Washington, D.C., and in the halls of the U.S. Capitol with T-shirts saying “Believe Women.”.

Foreign Aid in To embed the Foreign Aid in counter on your website, blog, etc, follow these simple instructions: Use whatever tag you need. A Note About Style We’ve intentionally left out any styles for this embeddable counter, instead leaving it up to you to provide styles consistent with the look of your site.

To aid in that process, here’s the HTML markup that will be generated from the embed code: Foreign Aid in This counter displays fiscal year funding for humanitarian assistance and international development, in nominal non-inflation-adjusted dollars. It does not include foreign military aid, the operations of the State Department, or contributions toward international financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund.

What else could these dollars buy?

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By Brother Nathanael Kapner Copyright There are so many unanswered questions regarding the Sandy Hook killings that it not only boggles the mind but inspires anger and legitimate outrage. Even Lieutenant Paul Vance, head of the Connecticut State Troopers, admits that much information surrounding the crime is being withheld. But there also some issues that we need to keep the cards close to the chest.

Germany charges Iranian diplomat detained in bomb plot Assadollah Assadi suspected of giving a Belgium-based couple a pound of explosives to be used in attack on anti-Iranian regime rally in France.

The ministry said Miller was not hurt and returned to Kabul. A Taliban spokesman, Qari Mohammad Yusuf Ahmadi, said in an email to journalists that the group carried out the attack and that Miller was among the main targets. Ahmadi asserted that Miller had been killed, which U. The lone attacker was killed after fatally shooting Abdul Raziq and wounding several of his bodyguards, Afghan and U. Several current and former officials lamented the death of Abdul Raziq, 39, a close U.

It is because of this honorable general. Abdul Raziq, police chief of Kandahar province, speaks during a news conference in Kandahar. Nonetheless, he earned a reputation as a ferocious opponent of the Taliban and gained the respect of successive American and NATO military officials in Afghanistan. He had survived a number of assassination attempts, including suicide attacks.

A slight and youthful-looking man, Abdul Raziq earned a reputation for brutality and corruption in the border police beginning a decade ago. But in recent years, as a top police official and ruthless anti-insurgent fighter, he was widely praised for bringing Kandahar and the surrounding region under government control. His forces received Western training and funds, and U.

Last year, a United Nations report said the worst torture in Afghanistan took place in police jails in Kandahar, and the U.

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The Road to Sayed: Fair and First Lieutenant Philip Messina As we pushed our column of four mine-resistant ambush-protected MRAP all-terrain vehicle M—ATV gun trucks, two wreckers, and an M line-haul truck with a flatbed trailer closer to our objective, wheels were skating dangerously close to the sheer dropoffs. The road to Sayed is little more than a goat trail, a trading route likely used for hundreds of years if not longer.

Barely improved, its continued use is indicated by the fact that it is almost inexplicably found on contemporary military maps, including those loaded onto Blue Force Tracker. Generations of use have worn the trail deep into the limestone hills that dominate the Sayed landscape, and wind and water erosion has threatened what little progress has been made in improving the surface.

New Items Added: 3rd Nov Welcome to our website. World Military Collectables aims to provide a range of original, quality militaria items from the major combatant forces.

It floated out over the fields and river and pierced the early morning hush on the Bangi Bridge. Like many of the conscripts serving in the Red Army in Afghanistan, Tseuma was bored and undisciplined, and after 10 months of service, curiosity finally got the best of him. The decision to investigate the call to prayer cost him the life he had known up to that point.

Every morning the mullah did the call to prayer. It was totally new to me. When I got close to the mosque there was an old man sitting there. Then suddenly men with guns surrounded me and captured me. After that, the mujahedin told me to convert to Islam or they would kill me. I decided it was better to live than to die, so I became a Muslim. A Long and Distant War: After serving in the European-style Soviet army, they lived and sometimes fought as Afghans.

Those of them still alive have an extraordinary window into Afghan society combined with unique insight into the historical parallels between the Soviet defeat and the withdrawal of U. Life has improved in the past 10 years but Tseuma — or Nek Mohammad as he was renamed after his conversion to Islam — senses grave danger ahead.

Right now there are roads and there is light.

Afghan National Army Physical Training