how to hook up a mixer to my ham radio

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How to set up a mixer to my computer for recording

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Mar 29,  · I’m sure this question has been answered before, but here goes anyway. I want to hook a second wireless mic up to my system. Currently I’ve got a Shure UHF Wireless Handheld Mic, and am thinking of adding a second handheld or a headset.

How to Hookup an Analog Mixer To a Soundcard or Audio Interface by Tweak So many newbs think you need to connect the main outs to a soundcard and can monitor off the control room outs too. Enjoying that high pitched whine every time you want to record? You are getting it because you hooked up the mixer improperly.

Here’s some better ways. First with a cheap mixer which I don’t recommend and second, with a mixer with an alt bus or direct outs required if you are serious! You then connect your speakers to the line outs of the audio interface or soundcard.

Understanding Studio Mixing Consoles

If you are seriously interested in this topic, we suggest that you print the document for easier digestion and reference at your leisure. This article is 11 pages in length when printed. One compelling reason would be to overcome the limitation of most sound cards which allow a maximum of only 32 notes to sound at any one time. The piano alone, played with chords in the left hand and several notes together in the right hand, can quickly consume this quota, especially if you use the sustain pedal which causes notes to linger on.

By utilizing more than one synth, or sound module, you can assign different instruments to each and greatly increase the notes available for your overall performance. Another reason would be to access some of your favorite sounds on a particular synthesizer of sound module which are not available from your sound card.

Playing in a Band Here’s an example of a PA system for band consisting of drums, bass, two electric guitars, a keyboard, and vocals. This time, we’ll use a channel analog mixer MGP32X, powered speakers DSR and DSRW for main speakers and subwoofers and DXR12 for monitor speakers.

Often this must be squeezed between going to work, taking out the garbage, getting the kids to bed on time, and sleeping once in a while. Throw a computer based DAW into the mix and things get tougher. Fortunately you can make your life a lot easier and create a ready-to-record environment by adding a small mixer to your setup. Goals for the mixer based home studio Monitoring — This refers to your need to hear the instrument you are currently playing as well as the prerecorded tracks you may be playing over.

You need to hear both sources playback and new material and have easy access to adjust their level in relation to one another. This all needs to happen without any consideration to possible software latency. Routing — The last thing you want to do with your precious 45 minutes of recording time is spend ten to fifteen of those minutes plugging in gear. You want to lay down a guitar part, replace a few loose notes on the bass track, and layer on that keyboard pad you were thinking about all day at work.

This is something you might accomplish in your time frame if you can avoid the hassle of getting behind your computer every few minutes to plug in a different instrument. Home studio mixer using tape inputs Mixer requirements: The small mixers we are talking about here will usually have them on the top of the unit.

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This is important because you don’t want latency when playing live with your other band members because if there is some latency, you will get sloppy. You will then receive the line signal at the mixer and can mix it as you normally would. Probably, you won’t need much gain at the mixer if at all. You use the high quality preamp to record your Mic. If the scarlett crashes at some time when playing live, your signal won’t reach the mixer and you won’t be heard over the PA. You should probably take the Aux1 Pre if possible to make the monitor send independable from the fader position.

You will then receive the signal again at the desired Aux Output at the back. Then take this output and connect it to your Scarlett input again, via TRS for symmetric transmission. You won’t need to gain much if at least at the scarlett. If the scarlett crashes, you will hear no difference over the PA. You are gaining with a lower-quality preamp. Now take a Y-cable also known as input-cable which is: Now take a half-normalled patchbay and connect the red cable Insert out to the top plug on the patchbay’s back, connect the white cable Insert in to the bottom plug on the patchbay’s back.

At this point, your signal will simply be routed this way:


You may also download a PDF version of this article. In Figure 2 below, we add an audio mixer and a 4-channel tape deck. I show them as two separate units in the diagram; however, they could be “combined” into one unit as is the case with most cassette multitrack recorders. Here is some advice: This opens up many more sonic possibilities and technical flexibility than a unit that only has one audio input and can only record to one track at a time.

Also, any mixer you buy always seems to quickly run out of channels as you add more equipment to your home studio, therefore, buy the mixer with the greatest number of channels that you can afford.

Behringer Xenyx Mixer Reviews. Great Little Mixxer. I use this mixer for my live setup and it is nice and small and has all the options i need. Great mixer for the money. Not a very positive hookup and should be revised to be more secure. Other than that it is a really clean piece of gear.

How to set up a mixer to my computer for recording? The midi interface really has nothing to do with actual audio recording. It’s a device which allows you to interface with synths, drum machines, anything midi based. The quick answer is you don’t have to have a midi interface to record digital audio. That having been said, they are so inexpensive that at some point you should look into them; HS is a powerful program and, it’s fine that you would only use the audio recording portion, but some serious doors would open up to you if you became at least familiar with midi sequencing.

Now to answer your questions regarding audio recording: The number of discreet tracks you can record at one time is totally dependant on two things: The processor, ram and storage memory you have in your PC and B. Your soundcard and how many inputs you have. If you’ve got a basic, generic sound card like an SB soundblaster or something equivalent, you will only be able to record 2 tracks at a time. Your mixer, while a solid one, will really only give you the benefit of using mic pre’s and some pre PC EQ, although, you could mic up your entire band drums, bass, guitar, vox, etc and then run the two outputs of your mixer into the two inputs of your soundcard and get a live, direct to HD two track recording.

If you use good mic technique, using good mics set your balances right, and experiment with mixing “on the fly”, you could get acceptable results, but you won’t be able to manipulate each part kick drum, snare, bass, etc after the audio is recorded into your PC.

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For an effects processor to work on your sound source, you need to connect the processor properly. Regardless of the type of signal processor or recording system you’re using, you have the option of connecting your processor directly into the channel strip (called a line effect or insert effect) or routing it through your aux [ ].

You also need inputs for more microphones and full control over these multiple microphones. Along with good microphones, you will want to invest in a mixing board. What a mixing board or mixer does for your podcast is open up the recording options, such as multiple hosts or guests, recording acoustic instruments, and balancing sound to emphasize one voice over another or balance both seamlessly.

You see mixers at rock concerts and in behind-the-scenes documentaries for the film and recording industry. Before you take your mixer out of its packing, make sure you have room for it somewhere on the desk or general area where you intend to podcast. An ideal reach for your mixer is a short one. But instead of calling them studios, these partitions are called tracks. A mixing board provides mono tracks and stereo tracks, and you can use any of those tracks for input or output of audio signals.

No matter the make or model, mixing boards are outrageously versatile. Multiple microphones are the best option when you and your friends gather around to record.

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Share on Facebook Connecting a mixer to a receiver will expand input capabilities to include musical instruments, microphones and other sound-producing equipment. Requiring a stereo connection cable with plugs to fit both units, any receiver that contains auxiliary inputs — AV. Mixers are available in a variety of configurations and are used as a central connection point and volume control for external devices.

Any nonpowered mixer can be connected to a stereo receiver.

Jan 29,  · You need to connect a resister in series with each ofthe left and right” hot “leads (between the mixer and the camera), and a ” shunt “resister from the junction of each ofthe series resisters (on the camera side) to the common (or shield) which is continuous from the mixer .

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Mixer To Amp Hookup

I thought it’d be a simple process I bought a power adapter, some RCA cables and hooked it up in a way I thought would get things going. Unfortunately, hours later and after many different configurations, I still can’t get any sound out of this. So, here is what I’m working with

Simply run a cable from the left or right mains output into the input of the amp or run from the mains output into the amp input. Depends if you want mono or stereo. I have a Mackie There are a number of options depending if you want the sig.

Lives for gear Those PV ‘s need at a bare minimum of watt’s each , your running 4 speaker’s that need watt’s each on 1 one watt amp so you don’t have enough power on any of your main’s or sub’s. As for your two PVx monitor’s, they need Watts each as well so your really not giving them enough power ether but, they should be happy with the watts they are getting. If your band s have a high stage level, meaning, they turn up there amps and the drummer is a hard hitter, you will need full power and likely more monitor’s.

The Yamaha mixer’s amp’s would “optimally” work for any 2 of your speaker’s but that’s about it really, I would use the mixer’s amp’s for your main’s. That way you can run both your aux-send’s to each monitor for a separate mix for each monitor, one from each side of one of the extra amp’s. I would go with another Mackie amp so you get some balance but I truthfully don’t like Peavey, Mackie or Yamaha in a Live sound setting.

Yamaha has some use in the recording studio but not all there gear is perfect for that ether so you have to be careful how you use thing’s in each application.

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Callum Daniel, Firstly, I want to say thank you for sharing so much info for those of us trying to find our podcasting way. You mention in this article that you record from your mixer to the zoom in 4 channels. How do you actually do that in terms of connection between the mixer and the Zoom? Thanks again, Daniel J. I am also interested in recording 3 mics and a skype output into 4 different tracks.

My problem so far is that I am taking the 2-track output into H6 so I can only have record two channels.

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