Share via Email Networking Alamy ‘Let me guess. You’re going to the middle of the world,” says the Quito taxi driver, turning to the English backpackers in the backseat, while simultaneously negotiating the city’s mid-morning traffic. He’s right first time. The equator is one of the Ecuadorian capital’s biggest attractions – even though GPS devices have recently revealed the much-photographed line to be off centre by over metres. What was supposed to open your eyes to new countries and new cultures, these days often involves hanging out with other travellers, often from your own country, while following the same carbon-copy route, Lonely Planet checklist in hand. There’s no point being snobby about it; many of us have done the same. But this time when it came to planning a three-month trip around central and south America, I decided to take a different approach. I wanted to find out whether travel-networking websites, such as couchsurfing. Serving as worldwide directories of people willing to share their time – and sometimes their home – with passing travellers, they have already gained cult-status among an established fanbase.

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The launch in October of the Sagazone social networ ing site which targets overs. Everyone is tal ing about Faceboo at college Figure 5: Member communities’ audience bro en down by age. Most children over 12 are aware of social netw or ing sites. overall awareness was similar to .

Reply Getting the internet to work for you can help make life easier, helping you stay in touch, explore your passions and even simplify and speed up daily tasks. Glasgow group The aim of an EE Techy Tea Party is for volunteers from the digital communications company EE to spend around two hours with local people from their community. Last year the company held 70 EE Techy Tea Parties across the UK, with digital champions helping to improve the digital skills of nearly people. An impressive 89 per cent of guests told them they were more likely to use technology in the future.

Edinburgh Group Age Scotland guests at the events in Glasgow and Edinburgh were brimming with questions about texting, e mail set up, shopping on line, downloading apps and social media. Stay in touch Everyone leads such busy lives, so it can be difficult to keep in touch with those you care about. Email electronic mail Set up your own email account for free at Google mail www.

You can even set up email accounts on your smartphone, so you can retrieve e mails on the move. Social networking Set up a Facebook account so you can see what your friends and family are up to. Save money and time There are lots of shopping sites on line, google the ones you like ad grab yourself a bargain. Last minute holiday and entertainment deals can been seen at www. The Vouchercloud app sees where you are and searches out great local high street deals for you.

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This page is intentionally left blank Preface Why eMarketing eXcellence? E-marketing impacts all aspects of marketing from strategy and planning through the marketing mix, marketing communications and buyer behaviour to marketing research. Best practice is exemplified by a selection of the leading pureplay and multichannel organizations who have exploited the unique characteristics of digital media.

The importance of older adults’ social networks in providing practical, emotional and informational support is well documented. In this paper, we reflect on the personal social networks of older adults, and the shortcomings of existing online Social Networking Sites (SNSs) in supporting their needs.

His research explores how new technologies are transforming the way history is recorded and studied. He has published widely on digital humanities topics and also on Australian cultural history. Her research interests include: She has published articles in all these areas. She has published research on archives, digital memory, women and ageing. Her current projects include the production of community memory in Gloucestershire: He is author of Televising War: Her research interests include audiences and interactivity, cultural consumption and various forms of digital communication.

She has published across a number of fields including Media, Performance studies and Museology. He has published articles and book chapters on intermedia theory, digital arts and contemporary cinema. Her recent publications include Cyberpop: Digital Lifestyles and Commodity Culture Routledge, and a series of articles on science fiction films and new media technologies. She is the author of numerous books and articles on memory and digital memory: Gender, Culture and Memory Palgrave Macmillan,

Directory of social networks from Social Networking for the Older and Wiser by Sean McManus

Learn what makes them happy and sad. Learn about what they value and don’t value Learn what the person is like AS a person. The kee is how does he act on a consistant basis over time? After awhile you may come to be able to trust the person. Let the Relationship blossom, as like a flower.

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Older couples take a more laissez faire attitude to love Sinead Ryan — 22 November That’s the result of a new survey, carried out by SagaZone, the social networking site for older people. Far from it being couples in their 20s and 30s having a relaxed view on fidelity, it is in fact the over s who are more likely to cheat on each other, and without the moralistic strictness of the younger generation, either.

The research, conducted on 1, participants, found that 24pc of the age group had been unfaithful to their spouse, compared with 28pc of over 55s. Now, admittedly, they’ve had a longer time to, er, indulge their passions, but it’s still a surprising finding. Each generation seems to think the one that went before is straight-laced and buttoned up, but of course adultery has been around as long as people.

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Are you a former member of Saga Zone looking for a new online home? A place to chat amongst friends? If so, you’ve come to the right place! A big warm welcome to Over50sForum We’ve had quite a few ex-Saga Zone members join us recently, so you may already have bumped into some of your old friends.

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Reply This message is really spurred on by some post exchanges on another thread recently, but feel it might justify a thread of its own as it does not relate to the natural thread. This is written in mind of those, just like myself, who may have reservations approaching someone you like but concerned that you will lose them if they found out you have serious debt issues. I have reflected on this very hard lately, as in one case of conversation on here in particular has struck me to really take stock.

I have considered for so long that just to let time go by and refrain from introducing myself to someone I like, in case I lose them once they find out what I am in middle of. It is at first point easy for someone to say that it doesn’t matter because if they really like you, then they will understand. Well, although I have felt it awkward to think to raise as not only feel embarrassed, but also when you are actually trying to IMPRESS on someone new, the bottle will just go, but I now have a fresher frame of mind having read some posts here.

My only trait on all this is my natural instinct to pay for everything and let my partner free of worry, but then again hence some of the reason I am in this financial predicament now I cannot afford to be generous now and so humbled by the IVA control. This should not stop me from being happy though Life is too short and I am getting older and missing one of life’s treasured emotions, so I now consider this

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It’s where you share your life goals and receive support from others with similar aims in life. And as a member of the older and wiser generation, it’s where you can share your past life achievements and advise others who aspire to achieve similar goals. At 43Things everybody publishes a to-do list of things they want to achieve.

You’re allowed to have any number of things on your list, up to a maximum of Nobody knows why the limit is 43; it’s just a quirk of the website. As you make progress towards your goals, you can write about it on the site and seek advice from others on the next steps.

Easy to Join. It couldn’t be easier to make contact and introduce yourself to shagging Britain members once you’ve signed up – Shagging Britain is more of a social network than a bog standard boring dating .

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