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The bike was a cc Royal Enfield Constellation. It was a real bike in a box job, having been stripped down to every last nut and bolt and needed a complete restoration. It took me a while to rebuild and restore because I couldn’t afford a workshop manual, and pretty much as soon as it was finished, I managed to ride it straight through a neighbour’s garage doors when the throttle stuck open during a test ride! Fortunately, the garage was empty and he was kind enough to let me make good the damage and not tell my dear old Mother. Unfortunately, no-one had told me that these engines could occasionally run backwards if you caught them right or wrong! Then I bought myself a cc Panther Sloper that also needed some reassembly and as part of that restoration, I made a point of fitting double throttle return springs, hey, at least the garage doors were safe and then I changed the Panther for probably my favourite motorcycle of all time, the BSA Rocket Gold Star. This was all at a time when a teenager could insure a British bike of around cc for something like UKP20 a year but had to do everything by the slow process of post and cheque or check for you Americans! Anyway, enough of my chat Enjoy the British bikes Vincent Comet A wonderful restoration of this very desirable and collectable machine.

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Chumlee gets sent to the Old Man’s house for a simple errand, but takes his time doing it. Clarke ‘s team, from the Great Basses wreck. Navy uniform whose time period of origin becomes the point of a bet between Rick and the Old Man. Corey buys a tattoo kit that he then takes to a tattoo shop to trade for a tattoo , much to the irritation of his father and grandfather. Corey and Chumlee also investigate a gypsy fortune teller machine whose owner is auctioning it off, and refuses to sell it prior to auction.

The Spinning Wheel is a family business situated on the edge of the beautiful Peak District in Derbyshire. We are very accessible being only 6 miles directly from Junction 29 M1. We have built our business on a reputation for exceptional motor cars and mot.

What do the initials mean? RF60 or VE60 — the old style buff or green card log books phased out in the s when vehicle records were computerised. RF60 log books were still being issued several years after the Road Fund ceased to exist. Nowadays, the correct name for the amount payable for a tax disc is Vehicle Excise Duty. Those relating to vehicles generally start with V.

V5 — original computerised vehicle registration document. V5s were phased out in in favour of the current V5C registration document. V5C — current style of vehicle registration document that is uniform with all such documents in the European Union. VED for pre vehicles is currently rated at nil. I have bought a vehicle, but it has no papers, how do I get them?

Assuming DVLA recognises the registration number, you complete a form V62 downloadable from the forms page at www. Can I get a tax disc for a vehicle while I am waiting for my V5C to arrive? Until the late s, the vehicle registration system was based on paper records held by local authorities.

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Use this for Imported and UK motorcycles that have lost their registrations, when no evidence of the original registration is available. Date Quads or Trikes. Comment on whether your bike is original or not.

You can also email forms and photographs to the relevant marque, email address below and pay fee electronically. Note: The validity of Dating letters expire after 12 months, so get your forms into the DVLA as soon as you can.

Police Science and Law Enforcement Securities Services Mgmt Security and Theft Prevention Services More Programs Deputy Coroner Job Description Deputy coroners serve as a liaison between law enforcement and the morgue, focusing on examining the remains of a body in order to determine both how and why a death occurred. Typical duties associated with deputy coroner positions may change from state to state, but usually they include identification of the body, photographing the crime scene, notification of the next of kin and transportation of the body to the morgue.

Deputy Coroner Responsibilities The main duties of the deputy coroner are to determine the manner and cause of death, whether natural or violent, as well as to identify the remains. This may include investigative work at the death scene, and it may include interpretation of autopsy results. Deputy coroners are not necessarily required to perform autopsies, but may if they are also board certified pathologists.

Once the case has been solved, it is the deputy coroner’s duty to prepare forms such as the deceased’s death certificate, plus any additional state or local forms required. Deputy Coroner Education Requirements Depending on the state where the deputy coroner is based, there may be no specific degree requirements for the position except a high school diploma or GED. However, same states require deputy coroners to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in anthropology, criminal justice or forensic anthropology.

For entry-level coroners who have a high school diploma or a GED and at least hours of death scene experience, the ABMDI offers the opportunity to sit for the Registry Certification examination. More experienced coroners may earn the Board Certification credential. To sit for the Board exam, applicants must be Registry credentialed, have an associate’s degree from an accredited institution, and have 4, hours of experience.

Deputy coroners work in collaboration with law enforcement and the morgue to examine human remains and determine cause of death. Experienced coroners may earn Board Certification, which requires an associate’s degree, registry credentials, and 4, hours of experience. Some states require a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

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When Honda released the Shadow in not only did they not cut corners in the design and engineering, but they innovated in order to bring the performance and styling of this traditionally American genre to a new level. Using an offset, dual-pin crankshaft they managed to get a perfectly balanced 52o V-twin without having to add counterbalancers; the liquid-cooled engine gave a low-emission and consistent performance; they added hydraulic valve adjusters and hydraulically activated clutch and front brakes; they delivered the horses to the rear wheel with a very low-maintenance drive shaft.

Both technically and cosmetically they nailed it. What we have here is an early Shadow with low mileage. There are a few small signs of ageing low down on the forks and on the engine cover and a scratch on the right muffler but overall the condition is excellent. The gold-trimmed wheels look superb, the paint retains its deep shine, the chrome gleams and the gold badging still looks gorgeous.

In the used motorcycle world, some years are buying years, some years are selling years. It’s the true circle of life. For me, it’s a buying year and my throttle hand is getting itchy, paging through Craigslist and Cycletrader ads. If you are considering a “new” used bike this year, here are.

Top of the range too many extras to list. No joy rides No chancers please R , Published in: Honda Canal WalkStock No: The bike is a Concourse winner Poison Rally All papers in order and registered in my name. Absolutely perfect condition and runs like a dream, a really beautiful classic, need to sell. Price is Negotiable R 60, Published in:

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The power unit is a straight six being cc , Beautiful and smooth. The paper work I have claims a complete engine and gearbox rebuild along with a recored radiator , re trimmed leather seating and new carpets. Looking at and driving the Vauxhall defiantly backs up the paper work. Delivery and Shipping Arranged. The B was introduced to replace the MGA and had a production run up to but few early cars survive, making them that little bit more sought after.

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May 18, – May 30, Rates for minivan tours per person: Double room occupancy 2 people per room: Meet you downtown at our hotel where we enjoy a great Welcome Dinner and celebration with the other members of the little group. Before that you may want to visit some of the highlights Chicago has got to offer: We start driving Route 66! One hour out of town is Wilmington.

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Top of the range too many extras to list. No joy rides No chancers please R , Published in: Honda Canal WalkStock No: The bike is a Concourse winner Poison Rally

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Brian November 28, at Levatich, My name is Brian Stone. Unfortunately the dealership did close but my time and experience was enjoyable. I am writing about a problem I am having with the Harley Davidson customer service department that has been needlessly dragging on for several months because not one person I have spoken with is willing to make a proper decision.

I am sure once I explain the situation to you and everything I have done in good faith and at the request of Harley tech support you will agree that my request was not and is not unreasonable and there was no reason for this to reach your desk. There is a significant amount information to put out but I will try to be as brief as possible without losing any necessary content. The Reference number for the case is If you or a member of your executive team would like to contact me to discuss this in greater detail I can be reached anytime at

Classic Motorcycle Dating Service A

On my Matchless G3LS this is stamped into the top of the front down-tube. I initially, like many other people, mistook it to be the frame number. Actually it is just a casting or part number identifier from when the frame was made and hence is identical on many Matchless and AJS bikes, so beware!

Classic motorcycle products, classic bike club gossip, motorcycle shows, events, runs, biker lifestyle, buyers guides and much more.

Black socks and loafers. Black sunglasses left hand. Tan with stars shopping bag right hand with perfume bottle gift inside. Inside an oyster they might find a “pearl” that’s one of a kind! Royal blue with black beads and black button swim trunks. Child size royal blue band, white small pearl center and baby blue pearl top faux ring changes color in warm water.

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Subject Message Before you submit your details you must check this box which confirms you agree to submitting your personal data to Motorbike Registrations. To comply with GDPR we confirm that your details are stored securely by us and will not be used or sold to any third party organisation. You can request a copy of the information we hold about you at any time by contacting us.

Harley Davidson was founded in by William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson in Milwaukee, Wisconsin when Harley designed a cc engine and attached it to a bicycle frame. In , the first real motorcycle was created with a cc.

That was the estimate Bonhams had in mind for this piece of classic bike history when it came up for auction at the firm’s October sale at Stafford. A very respectable 57bhp was claimed with the maximum speed touching mph. But Hobbs was unsatisfied and took the bike to Ted “Barry” Baragwanath pictured left. Baragwanath, a well-known and well-respected Brooklands sidecar racer and tuner who also ran a motor repair business in North London and was noted for wearing a winged collar with his riding gear coaxed the horsepower up to around 65 from This was achieved by increasing the compression ratio to 8.

Moby was now able to hit mph in top gear 3rd , and reach mph in second. Despite all this, Hobbs didn’t fare as well as he’d hoped at Brooklands, but he did better at the Gatwick Speed Trials in both the solo and the sidecar class. By , Moby Dick was sold and passed through the hands of Alfred J Cain and Tom Eccles, the latter of whom kept the bike for 40 years.

Bonhams is bound to be disappointed at the result of this sale, and will no doubt be looking anxiously at their next sale at Harrogate to see if this represents a new downward trend see item below. For more on this, see Sump September

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